Tips for the extra demanding skin

There are many products in Rosenserien main line that also are suitable for men.

Here you have some tips of products for different needs.

Rough skin with a predisposition for blackheads: Add Rosenserien Peeling Cream 2 times per week.

Oily skin in need of additional deep cleaning: Rosenserien Clay Mask 1-2 times per week.

Thin lines or swelling / bags around the eyes: Rosenserien Eye Cream effectively counter

Irritation and"razor bumps": Lubricate withJojoba Oil before shaving. UsePeelingCreamday aftershaving,itpreventsrazor bumps.

Very dry skin: Use Rosenserien Night Care Intense or Carrot Oil as a complement at night.

"Tired" skin and skin with signs of aging: Add a few drops Rosenserien Vitamin C Serum with Rose Root on the skin before Moisturizer or Night Care Intense at night.